The research team has considerable experience in policy-focused research, having conducted research for a diverse range of stakeholders, including the Greater Manchester Poverty Alliance (Webb), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Yui), National Trust for Malta (Short), Aomori Prefecture Government (Hirai), Royal Town Planning Institute (Webb), Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (Short), Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Foods of Japan (Hirai), Obayashi Foundation (Osawa), Joseph Rowntree Foundation (Webb), Obayashi Foundation (Fujii), Scottish and Southern Energy (Webb), Land Institute of Japan (Hirai), Kajima Foundation (Fujii), Welsh Government (Webb), Toyota Foundation (Hirai), and Intel Corporation (Fujii) among others. The researchers also regularly contribute to policy and research networks, including UNESCO (Yui), the Shrinking Cities International Research Network (Hartt), Glagsgow City Council Design Review Panel (White), Vacant House Countermeasure Committee of Hiroshima Prefecture (Yui), and the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (White).

Dr. Sayaka Fujii

Revitalization and social integration

University of Tsukuba

Dr. Akihiko Osawa

Planning and High-Rise Development

Takasaki City University of Economic

Dr. James White

Urban Design Governance and Planning

University of Glasgow

Dr. Maxwell Hartt

Ageing and Shrinking Cities

Cardiff University

Dr. Michael Short

Design Quality in the Historic Environment

University College London

Professor Yoshimichi Yui

Ageing and Shrinking Suburbs

Hiroshima University

Dr. Taro Hirai

Housing, Condominium Management

Hirosaki University

Dr. Brian Webb

Planning and High-rise Neighbourhoods

Cardiff University